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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Awaiting Naimah JULY 2012

This is my beautiful cousin Hannah carry her first baby, Naimah. 
We were graced with some great lighting on a Sunday afternoon.
I was excited to meet up with her, especially at one of my favorite places down south!
This was my second maternity session and we had some fun with the shots!
People were generally interested in what was going on and how far along she was!
Jump to August 15th and Naimah was born!
Baby Naimah has been hospitalized since then due to some complications at birth.
Day by day God is showing his grace and healing her and her mama, but they could use continued prayer! Please lift them up, they've had a rough start!
I am hoping that we will eventually be able to do pictures of them together but right now what is important is getting them both healthy and whole :)
I'll post an update soon!


Well, it has been quite awhile since I have updated this blog because most of my postings are on
You can click on the picture to keep up with my latest shenanigans!
Since I last blogged I have shot 2 weddings, 2 maternity sessions, 2 family sessions, 2 senior sessions, 1 ROTC junior session and 1 newborn session!
Not bad :)
Here is a quick preview, however you can view and comment on the full shoots by visiting my
Erika: 2012 Senior

Sam: 2012 ROTC Junior
Stewart Family

Weston: 2012 Senior
 Philips Family
Lael: Awaiting Andrew (maternity)
Andrew: Newborn

Hannah: Awaiting Naimah (maternity)

Borer Wedding May 2012

Davies Wedding July 2012
And YES, my watermark has changed more times than a chameleon sitting on a rainbow.
I really should do something about that, hmmm. . .
Anyways, in the last 8 months I have learned SO much, I've grown more comfortable with my own style of photography. I feel that my work is much improved and I can only thank those who have entrusted me with capturing their memories for letting me learn and mature from the experience.
I also have a second shooter now,
my brother Bob!
It turns out that the talent runs in family and he has a passion for it too.
We are both team Canon and now that he lives up here we have plenty of time to experiment with sparklers and such :)
It's been a fun 8 months and I can't wait for the next few!
I'll be starting back up with detailed blog posts starting with Hannah's maternity session soon!
So stay tuned.
If you have any questions about booking a shoot with me please feel free to shoot me an email at:
Happy Saturday!