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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Well, it has been quite awhile since I have updated this blog because most of my postings are on
You can click on the picture to keep up with my latest shenanigans!
Since I last blogged I have shot 2 weddings, 2 maternity sessions, 2 family sessions, 2 senior sessions, 1 ROTC junior session and 1 newborn session!
Not bad :)
Here is a quick preview, however you can view and comment on the full shoots by visiting my
Erika: 2012 Senior

Sam: 2012 ROTC Junior
Stewart Family

Weston: 2012 Senior
 Philips Family
Lael: Awaiting Andrew (maternity)
Andrew: Newborn

Hannah: Awaiting Naimah (maternity)

Borer Wedding May 2012

Davies Wedding July 2012
And YES, my watermark has changed more times than a chameleon sitting on a rainbow.
I really should do something about that, hmmm. . .
Anyways, in the last 8 months I have learned SO much, I've grown more comfortable with my own style of photography. I feel that my work is much improved and I can only thank those who have entrusted me with capturing their memories for letting me learn and mature from the experience.
I also have a second shooter now,
my brother Bob!
It turns out that the talent runs in family and he has a passion for it too.
We are both team Canon and now that he lives up here we have plenty of time to experiment with sparklers and such :)
It's been a fun 8 months and I can't wait for the next few!
I'll be starting back up with detailed blog posts starting with Hannah's maternity session soon!
So stay tuned.
If you have any questions about booking a shoot with me please feel free to shoot me an email at:
Happy Saturday!

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