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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Awaiting Naimah JULY 2012

This is my beautiful cousin Hannah carry her first baby, Naimah. 
We were graced with some great lighting on a Sunday afternoon.
I was excited to meet up with her, especially at one of my favorite places down south!
This was my second maternity session and we had some fun with the shots!
People were generally interested in what was going on and how far along she was!
Jump to August 15th and Naimah was born!
Baby Naimah has been hospitalized since then due to some complications at birth.
Day by day God is showing his grace and healing her and her mama, but they could use continued prayer! Please lift them up, they've had a rough start!
I am hoping that we will eventually be able to do pictures of them together but right now what is important is getting them both healthy and whole :)
I'll post an update soon!

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